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CrowdFunding Coach

CrowdFunding by Iron Solutions Group

With ISG CrowdFunding, We develop an overalll strategy for your funding requirements working Crowdfunding Rewards/Donation and Equity Positions if allowed.

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Iron Solutions Group Crowdfunding documentation also includes:

crowdfunding private placement memorandum and subscription agreement that we will file on your behalf with the Securities and Exchange Commission for an Exemption D.  This will assure that the funds you have received will be exempt under the Securities Act of 1933.  We have had some question the need for this with donations, however if you read the securities act you will understand the reason for this and it prevents an unregistered security type proceeding should an investor complain about a companies default or use of funds.

Your crowdfunding idea or preferably your business plan.  Our next stage is to create the actual portal page verbage, downloads and videos.  Next we agree on a reward strategy that is multi-tiered and will appeal to a variety of investors with our various sources that fund fast like crowdfunding, crowd funding, crowdfunder, indiegogo, kickstarter.

We select the best funding portal that will yeild the highest donations. Then we proceed to promote your project though our social media marketing to raise awareness from outside sources to visit yourcrowdfunding portal. This includes press releases, video creation and posts on channels like You Tube, social bookmarking and much more.
It is up to you to recieve funds and complete your project and rewards commitment as we are merely a coaching service that will also do the marketing for you.

Our strategy works for fundraising from $10,000 to $2,000,000!

CrowdFunding Coach

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