5 Tips for Estimating Your Start-up Costs

5 Tips for Estimating Your Start-up Costs

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Most business start-up stories say that you have to have a business plan. And you do. But that’s not the beginning and the end of figuring out your start-up costs.

Before you take out a second mortgage, use these rules to figure out the real costs of setting up a business.

Develop a Solid Plan — Then Change It

Most business start-up stories say that you have to have a business plan. And you do. But that’s not the beginning and the end of figuring out your start-up costs.

Jeff Shuman, who directs entrepreneurial studies at Bentley College, says, “The conventional wisdom is that an entrepreneur sees an opportunity, comes up with a business plan to capitalize on it, determines the capital that needs to be raised, raises the capital and then applies it to building the business described in the business plan.”

There’s one major problem with that model, says Shuman. It all hinges on getting the business right the first time, and that doesn’t often happen. “In reality, it’s likely that some of your initial assumptions are pretty good and others aren’t going to be worth the paper they’re written on,” he says.

Shuman and others say that figuring out your start-up costs means regularly reviewing your assumptions and changing your initial model. Writing a plan is good because it forces you to write down everything you are going to need to start your business.

But that initial plan is likely to change repeatedly as you learn new things and incorporate them into the plan.

Be Willing to Pull Back
It’s tempting to add up everything you need for the full-fledged business you imagine, and decide it’s what you need to start out.

But pulling back and looking for a smaller model can give you a way to get started while also saving money. Shuman uses the example of someone who calculates the total cost of starting a retail business in a local shopping centre.

“You could start that way and write a business plan based on that amount,” he says. “But maybe you’d be better off renting a stand and testing what the demand is for your products at that location.”

This consumer testing reduces your initial start-up costs. The result is that the initial cycle of your business is dedicated not so much to generating profits as to generating information. “With this, you can fund your business on a cycle-by-cycle basis,” Shuman says. “When you go for the second cycle and for expanding your business, the numbers are now based not on focus groups or surveys but on real-world experience.”

Calculate Prices and Time Correctly
Calculating your initial cash flow is part of figuring out your start-up costs. It’s an area where businesses are sometimes less optimistic than they should be. “Small business owners may under-price their product or service, thinking they have to come in at the lowest price point to compete,” says Barbara Bird, who chairs the business management program at an American university. “They don’t necessarily need to do that.”

Correctly Estimate Your Start-up Time
Yes, when beginning a business, time can be money. Let’s say you’re going to have fixed costs such as a monthly lease. If you have to make improvements to a space before you can actually open for business, those fixed costs are going to be additional start-up costs until you can actually open for business. I’ve watched many entrepreneurs draw up a timeline for their ventures and get tripped up on the safety and inspection requirements imposed by local agencies.

For that reason, I think one of the first places a prospective new business owner should go is to the local government planning or license department. Construction permits and inspections can push a prospective opening date back by months. If you fail to take into account the cost of this time, you could be short of working capital right at the start.

Be Realistic About the Cost of Money
Many small business owners finance their ventures by running up big balances on their personal credit cards. Others tap the equity in their homes.

But self-financing isn’t a practical option for larger ventures. Tom Emerson, who directs the entrepreneurship centre at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, says startups should figure in the cost of capital when determining initial expenses and cash flow. “The cost is usually based on what the interest would be, were that cash invested in something with similar risk on the market” Emerson says. “It’s usually a figure that is a few percentage points or more above the prime rate.”

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Deliver An Elevator Speech That Grabs Attention and Has Them Begging For More!

Deliver An Elevator Speech That Grabs Attention!

When someone asks you what you do, do you stammer and stutter, then spurt out a label or winded explanation that meets you with a glazed-over look? Discover how a powerful elevator speech can generate energetic dialogues that will increase your recognition and attract more clients.

An elevator speech is a short verbal snippet that clearly and memorably introduces you.  It highlights your uniqueness and focuses on the benefits you provide.

Imagine … you step onto an elevator and there is a lone occupant waiting to travel with you to another floor.

You are together for less than a minute, but long enough to make polite conversation.

What you don’t know is this person is your ideal client. She has a problem you can solve.

She cuts through the awkward silence and says, “I see you’re attending the networking event as well.  What do you do?”

Here it is!  Your chance to make an impression and secure a new client.

After a short stammer, you answer with, “I’m a coach and a copywriter. I hold a Masters in Business Administration and have been running my own home-based business for ten years.”

With only a few seconds left, the elevator doors open.  She politely responds with a smile, then steps off the elevator, gone … forever.

After you finish banging your head against the button panel, you realize you not only blew it, but you now have an indentation of the twenty-first floor button on your forehead.

Deliver An Elevator Speech That Grabs Attention and Has Them Begging For More Like:    What if instead you had answered with… 

“I help women entrepreneurs get more clients than they know what to do with and triple their profits in six months.”

If she were your target client, do you think the second response would have sparked her interest and kept her on that elevator a little bit longer?

We all ask ourselves, “What’s in it for me?” when engaged in any type of communication, whether written or spoken.

You want to take something of value from a conversation, learn something new, create a certain feeling, or receive information that will help you solve a problem or meet a need.

If you spend the first 30 seconds labeling yourself and listing your credentials, or going into a technical spiel of your product or service, you will be met with nothing more than a big fat yawn, a glazed-over look or even worse, “Excuse me, I have to make a call” and a quick exit.

Take the time to develop a benefit-rich, passionate elevator speech that will engage your listeners to want to hear more.  

Write down a list of benefits your clients/customers receive from working with you or buying from you, and use those words and phrases in your benefit statement.

There’s no need to label yourself. Labels don’t provide the benefits the listener is looking for.

Once you have your elevator speech developed, practice it over and over until it’s as natural as stating your name.  You’ll be able to use it at networking events, in a telephone conversation, when leaving voice mail messages, in any type of written communication, and yes, especially in the elevator!

So, ____________, what do you do?

Some Important Entrepreneurial Attributes

Some Important Entrepreneurial Attributes

Entrepreneurial Attributes, business coaching, business coach

No one is born perfect in this world, neither anyone is born with these skills. Anyone can be a successful entrepreneur with some attributes. These attributes would help you in getting specific entrepreneurial attributes for a person to be fortunate in area of business. However, not everyone can become an entrepreneur. There are few people who posses these character attribute in them, you can notice in yourself. Here are some of the essential entrepreneurial attributes which are helpful to those who want to enter in this field.

Independence – This is most usual denominator of all the entrepreneurs. They want to take over ascertain their future; they choose to be their own boss instead of hiring someone else under the observation or the look of a boss or master. An entrepreneur has a firm feel of independence and will process ahead with an aim of earning money by his own way and hard work.

Focus, Persistence and Determination –

The business world of entrepreneurship is full of success and failure too. A most important ability of a successful entrepreneur is the persistence to continue engaging in his goal neglecting the set backs and obstructions that he may get on this way. This tenacity and conclusion are furnished by igniting want to achieve his destination of winning in his chosen area of business

Self confidence
Self confidence is must for an entrepreneur. They should believe in their capacities and confirms that they will invest in their best attempt into their peculiar attempts and similarly anticipate the best consequences from it. This business world is full of competitions and is not usually localization for small hearted people; this is for bold hearted person. If your belief in your capacities which is an important factor for accomplishing any goal in this world of entrepreneurship.

Creativity –
In this competitive world of business you cannot allow to be contented and unimaginative unless you desire the challenger to go up on in front of you. You should be creative in this field, you should have the capacity to create and explore new ideas. You should also have the capacity to find new ways to solve problems. This is sure shot way of keeping your business ahead in competition. Creative people have qualities of curiosity, inquisitiveness, boring and are flexible when thinking or exploring with ideas. They have a good sense of observing the environment and keep an eye on different catching new trends that could be possibility of business opportunity.

An entrepreneur should be organized and focused on attaining your goal. You can do this by organizing each and every step in achieving your goal so that there is lesser time and resources used up.  You should become an expert in vision for your future. This imagination may be short, long or middle term but whatever the imaginations are, they would help you in expanding your business. This is where a business coach is worth every cent in assisting your focus!

An entrepreneur should be ready to calculate the risk and face the results of it. He should have enough confidence and courage to confront failure or success and start over again regardless of many setbacks. He should have perseverance and hard work qualities in him. Commitment to the business is must with entrepreneurs. He should be honest and honorable towards his work.

100 Ways to Increase More Sales For Your Business! Part 10

100 More Ways to Increase Sales
For Your Business! 
Part 10 of 10

business coach, business coaching, marketing coach

  1. Join the online community built around your industry
Look for a community of sites within your industry that have linked together for the good of all. Once you find them see if you can join the community and establish a good relationship with them by communicating with them. This community can be a platform for exchange of ideas and inspiration to improve your business to increase more sales.
  1. Hire Students
Tie salaries to grade point average for high school and college students you hire. Give a progressive bonus if the student excels in the classroom. In most cases you will find more responsible disciplined workers who will enhance your business.
  1. Respect your customers’ time
Try as much as possible to start off with emailing your customer. When that doesn’t get you a response, send a fax over. If that also doesn’t work, give them a call. However, use this as the last resort because customers are busy too and their time is valuable. Be patient and wait for their responses.
  1. Special Customers
Make frequent personal calls to five of your best customers and offer them a special deal that is only for them and only today. They may not buy but we all like to know we can get something special that someone else can’t.
  1. Motto
A catchy slogan or motto can be a powerful advertising message. “When you care enough to send the very best” – Hallmark has used this motto for years and it has made sending Hallmark cards a measure of how important the card recipient is.
  1. Create a bulk mailing package
Five or ten businesses near your area would be willing to send yourpostcard together with their packages by bulk mail and share the mailing cost with you.
  1. Business forecasting
Having been in business for some time, you would have some idea of what to expect in the next year. Use the experiences and information from this ending year to plan for next year. However do keep in mind that business forecasting is like weather forecasting, you can’t expect 100% accuracy in the forecast.
  1. Five and Ten Philosophy
Every business day try to contact ten new customers or clients. From the 10, get at least 5 referrals of other potential customers to contact. You will never run out of potential customers.
  1. Help groom and mentor the youth
University undergraduates studying business have frequent projects where they need to partner with real businesses. The youth bring new ideas and perspective which can potentially increase sales and better your business after you take those fresh concepts and refine it toprofessional standards. It is a win-win-win situation, 1) the students complete their project and learn under your mentorship, 2) your business has a fresh perspective and potential of further growth, and 3) you can offer these students a career opportunity when they graduate if you think they are competent enough.
  1. Sponsorship
Your company can provide sponsorships to various groups to get involved in the community. One example is to sponsor a local sports team. Your customer base can be increased by people related to the sports team, i.e. family and friends of the players. Furthermore, your company name and brand can be actively promoted by being printed on the jerseys, collaterals etc of the sports team.

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100 Ways to Increase More Sales For Your Business! Part 9

100 More Ways to Increase Sales
For Your Business! 
Part 9 of 10

business coach, business consultant

  1. Make your website address known everywhere
Make sure that your Web site address is be on every piece of promotion or marketing material your customer will see. Business cards, brochures, postcards, flyers, ads, signs, delivery vehicles etc.
  1. Animate your ad
Animated ads generate click-through rates at least 15% higher than static ads, and in some cases as much as 40% higher.
  1. Copyright
Include ( © 1998 Your Name ) on all your Web pages. Not only will this protect you if someone else decides to download your content and use them on their site, this also builds credibility for your company. Copyrighted material tells the reader that the content is original and cannot be found on any other site.
  1. Search Engines
Notify the search engines to publicize your website by registering your Web site with as many search engines as possible. Submit-It at www.submit-it.com gives free registration to many websites. Or you can use a service like this: http://searchenginesubmitter.com/cb/
  1. T’s and C’s
Spell out the legal positions that your site has in your terms and conditions. For example, you may want to notify customers about your site security if you are using credit cards – what actions are you liable for and what are the risks the customer takes. Terms and conditions also act as a credibility factor to increase your customers’ trust in you.
  1. Ask your visitors to sign your Guest Book
These are the reasons why you should get your visitors to sign your guest book. Firstly, by signing your guest book, you can track the demographics of your hits. If you know the demographics of visitors to your site, you can pitch to other potential advertisers interested in advertising on your site using this information. The guest book also helps you to keep track of frequent customers and big spenders. You can eventually ask whether you could e-mail them with any special sales or promotions you have planned.
  1. Frequently update your site
Update your site weekly or if possible daily so that traffic will continue flowing to your site. People return as repeated visitors to a site because of new information.
  1. Buy ad spaces on other people’s website
Monitor the website which you want to place ads on for about a month. Look out for how often the site is updated and whether they offer some new content frequently. After which if your observations conclude that your ad will be effective, contact the webmaster to place an ad or banner on their website. Check out this advertising course: http://www.freeadvertisingacademy.com/
  1. Contact On-Line Publications
Find your industry publications and whether they have an online presence. Check that they publish content online on your business or industry and contact them via email about your website.
  1. Associate with holidays and Special Occasions
Adapt your website page to reflect what’s going on in the world. On special holidays or occasions such as Christmas time, decorate your web sitejust like you would decorate your own storefront.

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100 Ways to Increase More Sales For Your Business! Part 8

100 More Ways to Increase Sales
For Your Business! 
Part 8 of 10
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  1. Respond to a news story regarding your business or industry
If the newspaper publishes a negative story about your business or industry, counter it with a press release that shows the positive side of the story. The more controversial the topic, the more it may spark a positive article with your company portrayed in a positive light.
  1. Look for other platforms
Your local newspaper is not the only print option. If you’re doing business out of your local precinct, there may be other better advertising options that are more economical and reach more customers. Find such publications and subscribe to it for research.
  1. Invite reporters for first-hand observation
To help reporters, bloggers or writer get a clear idea of what youraverage work day is like and how your business works, invite them to spend the day or part of a day with you. This is so they can have a complete story for their publication.
  1. Have a product that simplifies life
People are always on the lookout to simplify and make their lives more convenient. Therefore, having a product or service that saves time or makes life easier may be more important to some customers than saving money.
  1. Weekly Info
If you can provide daily or weekly information people need, get it out through your local radio station.
  1. Get serious shoppers to visit your virtual sales room
Create an easy to navigate virtual sales room and update it frequently with the latest information. Place your company’s new product information on the site.
  1. People make buying decisions on the web
Shoppers on the internet are not just “window shoppers”. Statistics showed that 71% bought at least one high ticket item they researched on-line. Users ring to enquire about high ticket items offline.
  1. Speed up the loading of your web page
The most frequently cited reason for leaving a particular site is the slow downloading time. Hence a faster loading of your site may potentially increase your product or service being seen.
  1. Know the reasons why people go online to buy or make buying decisions
Consumers go to the internet to be informed, not to be entertained. They go to your site to find out more about your product or service. Eighteen percent of high ticket items go on-line first when planning a purchase, 69% report Web site info is a crucial factor in their final purchase decision, and only 15% go on-line to compare prices.
  1. Bring visitors back
Create value-adding extras to make your site a must-visit for the latest breaking news and update it frequently. You can provide industryupdates, gossip, trends and forecasts. This will bring visitors back and motivate them to spread the word on the Internet grapevine.

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100 Ways to Increase More Sales For Your Business! Part 7

100 More Ways to Increase Sales
For Your Business! 
Part 7 of 10

  1. Direct Mail  

    marketing coach, business coach, life coach
46% of all Americans have purchased something by direct mail. Direct mail will be mail sent directly to targeted subscribers who are interested in your product or service. The mentioned subscribers are people who should buy your product based on your product position and their past buying behavior. This means that your message is reaching a target audience that has demonstrated that they have a definite need for your product and a history of buying it. Learn more about direct mail here: http://www.provenpostcardsystem.com/special/
  1. Magazine or Newspaper Special Inserts
Most publication houses publish special inserts for magazines or newspapers they produce. It can be an annual affair. These special inserts or sections are usually on topics of local interest, example Bridal Fairs, Real Estate Home Shows, Craft Fairs etc. These sections usually have a larger readership than the regular publication. Hence, having an insert ad can generate more business.
  1. Newspaper Placement
Many companies count it a necessity to have ads placed in newspapers. The placement of where your ad appears in the paper can have a dramatic impact on how successful it will be. There are certain sections in the newspaper that people love to read and placing your ads there will increase your ads exposure.
  1. Newspaper Ad Design
You might hear from the newspaper publisher that you can save money by getting them to design an ad for you. However, this is often not advisable because newspaper designers have to meet deadlines and in a short amount of time they are not able to produce quality high converting ads. Even though it may cost a little more, have a professional design your ads.
  1. Save design costs
To save costs using a professional designer, get him or her to create your logo, text for upcoming events, etc and you pay one fee for all the pieces and assemble the pieces needed for each ad you place. If you require ecovers, this could come in handy: http://www.indigitalcover.com/
  1. News-like Ad
Make you ad blend into the newspaper to look like just another news article, with headlines and columns. Although the word “advertisement” is required to be placed at the top of your ad, that can be easily overlooked by the reader if you use a catchy headline and an attention grabbing first paragraph.
  1. Service or Business directory
List your business in the service and business directory. This is available in some newspapers. Do check with the local publishers about this option.
  1. Scan Ads
A scan ad is a small classified ad that is placed once with a member paper of the State Newspaper Association and appears in hundreds of newspapers in that state.
  1. Trade organizations
Send a copy of your business’s latest news to any trade organizations you belong to for them to include the news in their magazine or newsletters.
  1. Send Thank You Card
Send a thank you card or letter to the media personnel you liaised with toget your business on the publication if you do get an article printed about your business. Include that you would be pleased to be the source in any future articles on your subject.

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100 Ways to Increase More Sales For Your Business! Part 5

100 More Ways to Increase Sales
For Your Business! 
Part 5 of 10
  1. Find out more about your customers
Having that personal touch beyond business always puts you advantageous in the minds of your customers. Learn more about your customers beyond just the business they are in. Pay attention to news about your customer and let them know you read about them.
  1. Be an expert
Becoming an expert positions you as an authority in your field. That may significantly decrease your competitors’ strength. You can offer seminars that establish your company as an expert on the topic. Seminars also help you build better relationships with your current customers, attract more prospects, and increase your company’s exposure. The strategy is to choose a topic with broad appeal among your client and prospect base. After the seminar, follow-up with attendees by mail or in person.
  1. Sales letters
In this technological age, most of us don’t write letters anymore. However, truth be told, letters are still as effective as a means of communication because they always reach the intended audience. Sales letters actually help to enhance a company’s professional image, help avoid misunderstandings and often make a sale. Get this copywritingcourse to write awesome sales letters: http://www.copywritingsupremacy.com/
  1. Listen to your customers
Your customers can give you the best information you need to know about them by asking questions. Therefore, pay close attention to the questions new customers ask you. Armed with the knowledge about what your customers’ questions are, you can let these customers know that you will solve the problem with no hassles or problems.
  1. Use personalized post-it notes to promote your company
Design and create personalized post-it notepads to promote your company. Every office uses post-its and they stick them to everything. Due to the fact that they use your post-its everyday, it is the case of repeated advertising. If they have a problem you can solve, your name and number are right there stuck to the page for them to contact you.
  1. Categories of customers
Categorize your customers into different groups. The criteria to include isprofitability; time spent handling orders and special requests. With these categories you can develop a plan to focus much of your time on the most profitable customers.
  1. Marketing – The battle of perceptions
In the battlefield of marketing, perception of your company, brand, product or service wins over everything else. Therefore, it is more important to work on the branding of your company, product or service than on the product itself. Don’t get me wrong, your product does have to deliver good value but more time should be spend on marketing the product to increase sales for your business.
  1. Ignore the competition
Sometimes, we are too concerned about our competitors and we forget about everything else. Believe first, with confidence in your vision, don’t worry about your competition.
  1. Be tenacious in your vision
The only failure is when you quit. Setbacks are the necessary evils in every business, they aren’t failures. Be determined in whatever you are doing by keeping your eye set on your vision.

10. Tips for magazine advertising
It is proven that a two-page spread attracts about one-quarter more than a one-page ad. A full-page ad attracts one-third more readers than a half-page ad. With regards to illustrations and photos of the product advertised, people tend to respond better to images showing the product in use rather than those that show the product only. Pictures of people in ads attract more attention than those without.
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100 Ways to Increase More Sales For Your Business! Part 4

100 More Ways to Increase Sales
For Your Business! 
Part 4 of 10
  1. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes
Don’t assume something to be important to you works the same for yourcustomers. Always put yourself in your customers’ shoes and look at it from your customers’ point of view, not the company’s. The rule is “take care of the customer and he’ll take care of the company“.
  1. Go the extra mile – give your customers more than they expected
Go the extra mile to surprise your customers with more value beyond what your product or service offers.
  1. Talk to suppliers and vendors
Get competitor information from your suppliers and vendors. By building a relationship with them, they might, unknowingly, give you crucial information about your competitors’ future plans through casual talk. Alternatively, you can buy the stocks of your competitor’s company if it is public-listed. As a stockholder you will receive all their annual and quarterly reports.
  1. Know the demographics of your sales area
Knowing the demographics of your target audience is important because only then will you get ideas about how to market your product or service to them. You can get such information from local newspapers by asking them for an advertising rate kit. Some other places you can research are the local chamber of commerce, the city planning commission, the public library or local TV and radio stations.
  1. Subscribe to industry magazines
Get a list of magazines from your public library. Subscribing to trade magazines related to your industry help you keep up with the what’shappening in your industry.
  1. Subscribe to magazines that help your business self-esteem
Immerse yourself with positive business messages by subscribing to magazines that help build your business self-esteem. Read the success stories of entrepreneurs and business people.
  1. Join Organizations that can help you
Join organizations that support your industry. You can find the list of such organizations at your local public library or online. Go for conventions organized by those organizations and network with the people who are in the same industry as you to exchange business promotion and marketing ideas or strategies. There is always someone at these meetings who can help you succeed.
  1. Matching a competitor’s offer
Offer a better deal for a shorter time. Limit your irresistible offer and you will still drain off a lot of his customers on a busy sale day and you will be perceived as a better place to do business.
  1. Have the knowledge of your clients’ special needs at your fingertips
Have a spreadsheet to keep track of clients’ requests for special services and products and whether you can meet these requests. With this information, you can track interest in new products or services that you should offer.
  1. Be Reachable
Be sure to include you contact details on every single communicationscollateral your company sends out so that customers can easily search for your contact when they need to. You can print your company name, address, and fax number on all materials including, packing slips and invoices. Use this to create a helpdesk: http://www.surefireoffer.com/VIPDS/index.html

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100 Ways to Increase More Sales For Your Business! Part 3

100 More Ways to Increase Sales
For Your Business! 
Part 3 of 10

business coach, business credit, business loan
  1. Sincerity
People can feel it when you want to sell them something and that is an uncomfortable feeling. Genuinely offer customers useful products and services that make you and them happy. Follow your passion, do what you love and the money will follow.
  1. Set up an advisory board
For a business to grow, you need honest feedback from people you can trust. Some of the feedback may be harsh but this is a good thing because you can take those opinions and work on improving yourbusiness. Get these people (friends, family, business associates whose opinions and judgment you value) to critique every aspect of your business so that you can get a different look at your business.
  1. Use A Dipstick Now And Then
During the course of your presentation in explaining your product or service to potential clients, pause every now and then to ask the audience a question. This is to check whether your explanation has been received by the other party. You can’t sell your product or service if yourmessage is not being received.
  1. Never Assume
Assumptions are often stumbling blocks even before you present your product or service to a potential client. It often stems from you not having the confidence in your product or service. Have a strong belief in your business and the need it fills.
  1. A Bite at a time
How do you eat an elephant? A bite at a time. Reputable and successful companies did not start out exploding millions of dollars in profit, they started out small. So continue to stay focused and determined about the success of your company even though you are not at the pinnacle of success yet.
  1. Public Library
The library has a comprehensive collection of business books. Although their list is not exhaustive, at least you have got somewhere tostart if you needed to learn something that can help you in your business. You can also save time in research because you can ask librarians for the information you need and they will find it for you. Not all the books you loaned are suitable for your business. Read over the books and then select and buy the ones you want to add to your own business library.
  1. Use One Media to Direct Your Customer To Another
If your target market research told you that the most popular channel toreach your target audience is through one media but your product or service works better on another media channel, use the media popularto your target market to direct your potential clients to the other media channel that is more effective in sending the message of your product or service.
  1. Invite Complaints About Your Business Or Product
This point concerns after-purchase customer service. Call your customers after the sale is made or send them a post card to ask how is the performance of your product or quality of your service. If there was any problem, at least you can rectify it with immediate promptness, rather than hearing the complaint from other channels.
  1. Sloppy success is better than perfect mediocrity
Your communications materials will never be 100% perfect. It can always be improved on or revised. There’s a saying that goes “Sloppy success is better than perfect mediocrity”. When you have a product that can save the world, it is more important to get the message out there as fast as you can. The more you delay, the more chances you are providing for fellow competitors to latch on your idea and reach your customers faster than you can.
  1. Swipe Files
Collect and compile a list of good ads and brochures into a swipe. Use this file as a form of inspiration when you experience a creative block when designing your own advertising. Don’t copy them entirely but adapt the use of it to your own business. Use this as a springboard: http://www.swipefilemastery.com

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