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Political Consulting

Political consulting is the business which has grown up around advising

and assisting political campaigns, primarily in the United States. As
democracy has spread around the world, American political consultants
have often developed an international base of clients. Though its most
important role is probably in the production of mass media (largely
television), political consultants advise campaigns on virtually all of their
activities,from research to field strategy.

The practice of consulting has several early precedents. President
William McKinley’s closest political advisor Mark Hanna is sometimes
described as the first political consultant. In California in the 1930s, 1940s,
and 1950s, Whitaker and Baxter established and grew the first true
consulting firm, Campaigns, Inc. However, political consulting blossomed
with the increasing use of television advertising for campaign
communications in the 1960s. It was in that period that Joe Napolitan
claims to have become the first person to describe himself as a political
consultant (Perlmutter, ed. Manship Guide to Political Communication,

In the subsequent years, political consulting has grown in importance and
influence and extended its reach to campaigns at all levels of government
in the United States, and beyond. Many consultants work not only for
campaigns, but also for other political
organizations, including parties and political action committees,
sometimes through independent expenditures; some also do public
relations and research work for corporations and governments. In fact,
today corporations seeking approval from municipal boards have turned to
land use political consultants to help earn need entitlements for their

Critics also blame political consulting, at least in part, for a variety of ills of
the modern election process. In part because broadcast media
consultants are often paid on commission, they are blamed specifically
for the rising cost of political campaigns and the increasing reliance on
paid media. A successful candidate running a low-budget campaign
would be a serious economic threat to the political consulting field; such
candidates, however, are rare.

Left-leaning activists within the Democratic Party, in particular, charge
that political consultants are a major obstacle to participatory democracy,
political reform, and electoral success for the Democrats. In a much-
publicized e-mail on December 9, 2004, the online activist group wrote, “For years, the Party has been led by elite Washington
insiders who are closer to corporate lobbyists than they are to the
Democratic base. But we can’t afford four more years of leadership by a
consulting class of professional election losers.”

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Management Consulting Firm

Management consulting firmsare third-party organizations or individuals that offer information on how to improve business operations. These services can range from accounting, information technology management, strategic leadership or any other business services. Management consultants usually have professional background in a particular industry and they have the potential to assess problems along with solutions to progress the process. Highly planned methods and tools are used for bringing about organizational changes in the company.Change the management is a common and important use for management consulting firms. Change management is where an organization makes significant moves or modifications in its functions.

The main objective of a management consulting firm is to provide the necessary arrangements for the clients to meet their goals. Normally management consulting firms can focus on any issues in a business or they are specialized in one or two areas. For example, employee training education and making business relationships, negotiating with retailers and the proper implementation of production methods are general in these firms.In addition to providing proficiency or guidance, many firms also offer companies the ability to educate and train their management employees.These firms normally do a variety of activities such as strategic and organizational development, financial planning and budgeting, marketing objectives, information systems scheduling, evaluation and selection.

Any organization looking for a temporary assistance with their business challenges, business direction or development usually looks to a management consulting firm for help. It is very significant for an organization to have a clear picture of the project scope in their mind before meeting with the consulting firm such as the the services required, the desired outcome and the level of expertise necessary for them.A Organizational development Consulting generally function in project teams. Depending upon the company and task,usually management consultants on the project team often spend their time at the client’s company than afterwards they do additional work at their own office. These consultants gather required information, interact with the organization, and more often work on getting solutions for them.

A Management Consulting Firm ranges in size from individual consultants to large businesses.Some firms concentrate only on specific services while other offer varieties of services that promotes and maintains healthy organizational culture, while focusing on the improvement of the end results of all the small businesses through better performance by the organization.

In today’s business world, the only thing that matters is a result. With effective management planning, companies can achieve high goals, perform better, make more profits and enjoy life to the fullest. A Management Consulting Firm can help managing job time, setting goals and financial plans, developing relationships in workplace, communicating, appraising, efficiently and listening, influencing colleagues optimistically working through changes and variety in workforce, disciplining, delegating, guiding, coaching and identifying problems and solving them, making decisions and thinking significantly.