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How To Hire An Inbound Marketing Consulting Firm

Over the past few years there’s been a constant rise in the use of online marketing, more specifically the use of an inbound marketing consulting firm, for businesses of all sizes, whether a one-person home-based business right on up to Fortune 100 corporations. No matter what size business you may have, if you’re looking to outsource your Internet marketing services, rather than looking at only search engine optimization services, looking into a more all-inclusive inbound market plan may be your best option.

You may be thinking, “What is the difference?” Well, inbound methods includes, but are not limited to, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, creative content marketing, blogging, and optimized online press release writing. The key to all of these marketing channels working is using specific keyword research to integrate into each piece.

However, all inbound marketing consulting firms are not created equal. With the supersonic rise of online marketing, so too has the amount of so-called Internet marketing consultants risen. Like any business practice which will help you save critical time that you could redirect towards more productive measures, knowing what to look for when hiring the right inbound marketing consulting firm will certainly help you out tremendously in the long run.

So, what are some of the criteria to look for when hiring a top notch marketing consultant? Here are the top criteria to look at:

1. Experience: Does the company have clients who they provide monthly marketing services to? This will tell you right away if they are well thought of and able to keep clients.
2. Education: Do the consultants have advanced degrees in e-commerce, organizational and industrial psychology, business and marketing?
3. Practical Application: Does the marketing consulting firm of consultants who teach others through webinars, University/College courses or continuing education classes? One of the criteria of being a subject matter expert is not only having knowledge of the subject and being able to perform a task, but also being able to teach others to do so.
4. Published: Are the consultants publishing industry Journal papers, books, e-books, and manuals on an ongoing basis? This does not include blogging.
5. Certifications: One hallmark of a true professional is holding several professional certifications in their chosen industry. Look for certifications such as Certified Inbound Marketing Consultant, Certified Inbound Marketing Educator, Social Media Consultant and for leading Internet marketing University programs.
Using a checklist like this when hiring and inbound marketing consulting firm will greatly assist you in narrowing the field to only the top qualifying and competent consulting agencies.

Featured Marketing Consultant

Marketing Consultants and How to Find the One For You

The shocking but true fact is that business owners hire marketing consultants they should not be hiring. Running a business for you can be stressful and difficult enough without having to worry about fixing the damage their marketing consultants advice and work did. One way that a lot of people think about searching for a marketing consultant is through an agency. It is true that making one phone call to an agency and letting them find the marketing consultant for you is easier than doing it yourself, but there is no assurance they are going to find the right marketing consultant for your business.

Agencies have a list of marketing consultants and other professionals in different price ranges. Their main concern is looking to get you the highest paid marketing consultant because they will get a nice commission. They often try to get your entire budget gobbled up so that they can move on to the next business. Your business comes in second and their profits come in first. There are some reputable agencies out there that do get the marketing consultants discount their price to the agency and then charge you a set fee with there profit in the fees. The Bottom Line is that You should be the number one priority not the agency.

Some people see professionals on television talking about ther services. A lot of people actually hire actors and extras to be in the commercial just so they can show someone having results. Have you seen those cheesy looking commercials that do not even use company names or they use abbreviations of names of satisfied customers or clients? The truth is that you should put a lot of weight on their actually ability to back up their claims and statements. The true marketing consultant will bring to the table a lot of good ideas and show you easy ways to implement them in your business.

Some people actually think they can just read a book and are ready to become a professional in their field. Are they giving you advice from experience or are they throwing ideas out to you and hope one of them works? Make sure that the person actually knows what they are talking about and can give you ideas of how to start putting the action plan in place. If you speak with a marketing consultant who has started, ran, sold or maintained a business, then they would know more than a marketing consultant who just read about business functions in a book or magazine.

One thing that is definitely wrong with a lot of marketing consultants out there is that they actually charge for a consultation. This is so unfair to many business owners. How would you feel if you spent money on a consultation with a marketing consultant and all you talked about was him? That would be a waste of money. The marketing consultant that knows what it takes to have business owners achieve success, will be interested in learning about your business and what you are doing now. This way the marketing consultant can come up with a unique game plan and strategy that is right for your business, not the same old thing for any business. It is true that no matter what type of business you are in, Your True Business is Always Marketing. Since you are taking the time to speak with or work with the marketing consultant, the time you spend should be worth your investment and you should walk away with the satisfaction of knowing that the right marketing consultant will help your business grow through sure fire marketing strategies.