Small Business Loans

Small Business Loans

Small Business Loans and Business Credit Available – Apply Now With the Form Below

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ISG3 Business Credit Training is the leader in all business training programs available today.

Our training will help you in creating successful business habits, record keeping, business planning instruction, business finance development, business credit building for small to medium size businesses.

This program is designed for individuals seeking funding for their business or for their personal needs. Their business can be a startup or an ongoing business. This program is open to individuals who need capital for their personal needs as well.

Example of our CD Based 700 FICO score funding system – (anything less than 700 is reviewed on a case by case basis)

Summary of Program – this is a very unique funding program that matches a qualified business that has a seasoned business credit profile and high limit credit rating with the individual with the 700 FICO score. The business applies for lines of credit using the individuals FICO. Once the credit line is approved the business gives 100% sole access and control of the credit line to the individual. A portion of the individuals fee is used to purchase a $100,000 courtesy deposit for the business and this improves the business credit rating that helps to justify the higher credit limits by the lenders. This process requires proper legal formation and legal applications including “Private Transaction” agreements. Below is a typical timeline of actions taken during the entire process of this program.

We work with a nationwide group of lenders that perform!

Apply Now ISG3 has several funding programs tailored for those with a 680 or greater credit score that gets results fast.  If you have a clean 680 score and no judgements, collections or bankruptcy funding to $100,000 can be as fast as 4-5 days with no or low doc lending. For those with scores under 680 we have special lenders that can give immediate approvals also.

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